5 Key Tips For Safe And Smart Weight Loss


In order to deal with the weight loss problem effectively and successfully, we must divide it conveniently in to two segments: the state of mind and the state of the body.

Most common reasons weight loss fails

While the mind does control the body, people who have weight issues soon discover that the body also has power over mind. It is a symbiotic relationship, and thus should be treated as a whole. However, for the sake of understanding and developing a tactical approach, each should be dealt by with a specific method or methods.

  1. Lose weight for the right reasons

When we talk about reasons weight loss fails in terms of having the wrong state of mind, one obvious presumption that people have all the wrong reasons to begin with.

These reasons are usually the desire to be liked by others (looks), not to be embarrassed in public, to attract romantic relationships, and so on. While these reasons in and of themselves are not wrong, they are not the right ones to focus on when starting a weight loss regime.

The reason they soon fail is because even if our desire to be liked is strong, it is hardly stronger than our hunger or desire for enjoying a good meal. People who starve themselves for the sake of being liked by other people, soon remember that they like enjoying food much more than they depend on other people’s opinions. At least until the hunger is sated.

Therefore, being liked by other people should be completely neglected when starting a weight loss regime, and viewed as only a bonus on successful completion of the goal. True and permanent weight loss success typically happens when we do it for ourselves.


  1. Know yourself and your body

The decisions to lose weight often come suddenly and out of desperation, and they are directed as a harsh punishment to one self. What people who do this soon discover is that you cannot be your own punisher because as the punishment came lightly so shall the denial of the same come soon after, because they are both given by the same person – yourself.

In order to do anything successfully, one must work together with him or herself, rather than against himself or herself. The same goes when we try to punish our body and deny it the satisfaction of indulging its cravings. It only leads to an almost sadistic relation towards our bodies, and inevitably fails in the same way the previous attempt did.

  1. Stop seeking A Magic Pill

The obvious mistake that one can make in this respect is to seek a quick and easy way, a sort of a ‘magic pill’ solution to the overweight problem. This is what the fad diet market feeds on and is the hallmark of the yo-yo dieting phenomenon and what keeps most people from true success, which is not only taking the weight off but also keeping it off long-term.

The truth is that lasting and permanent weight loss can only be achieved through effort and time. Lasting habit changes that are instilled and solidified bring lasting results. Just as it took a lifetime of habits to put the weight on, it will take time to take it off and keep it off for life.

  1. Find healthy substitutes

We all have our favorite foods, but there are hundreds of modifications that make recipes and foods that are not so healthy, healthier, and lower in calories. For example, lettuce wrapped burgers, save major carbs and calories. Baking with apple sauce instead of butter works too. Almond flour replaces white flour. Pizza is much healthier when using a Portobello mushroom instead of a traditional crust. Do your research and start to make these substitutions in your meal plans.

  1. Stop dieting and start living!

This is so simple, but so profound. Diets only keep you from your ultimate goal, this cannot be said often or strongly enough. Think permanent diet habit and lifestyle changes, period.